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Tyrannous, or tyrant flycatchers (Latin Tyrannidae) is a vast family of passerine birds that live exclusively in America and the islands adjacent to it.


Tyrannians have a round beak almost as long as the head, with a hook and with light lateral notches at the end of the beak and with bristles near the nostrils and edges of the mouth. The wings are usually long and sharp, the tail is more or less long.


They live in pairs along forest edges, in gardens and in fields covered with shrubs.


They feed mainly on insects. the way of pursuing them is the same as that of our flycatchers - therefore tyrants are sometimes called the flycatchers of the new world.


During the nesting period, they attack every bird approaching their nest, not excluding large predators. Tyrants got their name for the pursuit of other birds.

Nests of the most varied shape - from cupped to hanging or closed. Eggs 2-8, whitish with brown specks. Incubation lasts 14-20 days, and feeding of chicks in the nest lasts 14-23 days.

The largest family of passerine tyrants includes 397 species. The most famous of the South American species is bentevi (Saurophagus su l phuratus) - widespread in northern Brazil, Guiana and Trinidad, growing from a great thrush, greenish-brown above, yellow below, black head with a yellow spot on the back of the head, with a white forehead and with a white superciliary stripe, white throat, flight and tail feathers with rusty edges. Nests on trees made of moss and leaves, closed on top, with a side hole.

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Royal harbor

12/12 mococo. To get x2 mococo, you need to stand on the stairs and wait for the little girl, as soon as the girl approaches the opportunity to jump down to x2 mococo seeds. With the second x2 the same scheme, we go to the stairs and wait for the girl with blue hair to come up.

6/6 Mokoko. To get x2 mococo, you need to go to the library, go up to the second floor and wait for the student until he approaches the shelf with books and open the secret door.


6/8 mococo. To get 2 more mookos you need a Song of Resonance. It must be performed next to the statue in the place indicated by the yellow circle.

Toothy thicket

12/12 mococo. To get x2 mococo, you need to find a goblin in the bushes and talk to him, in the second case you need to go to the mushrooms next to the goblin and examine them, the goblin will come to the mushrooms and open the way to x2 seeds.

Dead highlands

8/8 mococo. To get x2 mokoko, you need to bring the monsters and kill them near the red dots, jumps will open and it will be possible to get into the zone with x2 seeds.

Dusk wood

8/10 mococo. To get x2, you need to bring and kill the monsters next to the rise. To get x2 in the yellow circle, you need a Forest Balada.

Dragon's Lair

8/8 mococo. The entrance to the dungeon is in the Duskwood area. To get x3 mococo, you need to go into the dark area, the entrance to the area is at the yellow dot. To get x2 seeds, you need to climb the vine from the yellow dot.

Ash mountains

Ruins of Elberia

10/10 mococo. The entrance to the dungeon is in the Ash Mountains. To get x2 mooko, you need to transform into a priest. Complete the boss and return to the x2 seed entrance.


In the Artemis region, 51 Mokoko Seeds (Macaco Seeds) can be found. They are scattered across five locations. Let's consider each of them:


Number of seeds: 9 pieces.

In order to collect two fruits on the left side of the map, you need to go behind the left side of the cathedral.

Salt desert

Number of seeds: 9 pieces.

Dungeon: Ruins of Moraya

Number of seeds: 11 pieces.

In order to open secret passages, break the doors.

Zun'Gar Canyon

Number of seeds: 8 pieces.

Dungeon: Dead Karst

Number of seeds: 9 pieces.

1. To collect these two beans, you need to light two torches. the first is located very close, the location of the second is marked on the map with a red dot.

Western Lutheria

In order to reveal the location of the Mokoko seeds on the map of Western Lutheria, you must not just break the doors, but complete whole mini-quests, without which you will not collect pears. In this area, you can collect 71 pieces.


Number of seeds: 12 pieces.

1. Break the barrier. This will take a few minutes.
2. Approach the very edge of the cliff, after which an interaction will appear on the "G" key.

Taiga ridge

Number of seeds: 11 pieces.

1. To harvest these beans, you must play Forest Ballad.

Dungeon: Storm Ridge

Number of seeds: 7 pieces.

1. In order to open the entrance to the three seeds, you need to defeat the crab (boss).

Dungeon of the Temple of Kadan

Number of seeds: 1 piece.

Dungeon: Tornado Cove

Number of seeds: 12 pieces.

1. In order to open access to these seeds, it is necessary to completely clean the entire dungeon, even from mice and mucus. If you have already passed the rope, but did not kill all the mobs, then die and teleport at the beginning of the dungeon.

Iron harbor

Number of seeds: 7 pieces.

1. Bob is in an underground location.


Another continent is Shuvjord, which is located at the very top of the game map. Mokoko seeds can be found here in the amount of 56 pieces.

Description and features of the angle-tailed shrimp

Angle-tailed shrimp opened in 1860. The species is identified by the following features:

  1. The rostrub is devoid of thorns. It's about the shell that covers the head of the crustacean.
  2. The leafy part is 1.5 carapaces in length. The latter refers to the dorsal plate of the shrimp. The leaf is called the tail part of the shell.
  3. The length of the 6th segment of the abdomen is twice its width. Abdomen is the abdomen of a shrimp. It is known to consist of segments.
  4. Pale pink color with thin scarlet stripes along the carapace.
  5. Small blue caviar.
  6. Body length is about 7 centimeters.
  7. Weight 7-9 grams.

Angled Tailed Shrimp Size and its mass depends on its age. The average indicators are considered to be sexually mature individuals that have reached 3 years of age. In a year, the body length of the crustacean is 4-5 centimeters. There are 10-11 cm shrimps. They are at least 4 years old. The angle-tailed shrimp feeds on amphipods. In the scientific world, they are called amphipods. They have 6 pairs of legs. The angle-tailed shrimp has only 10 legs, that is, 5 pairs.

In which bodies of water is found

Angle-tailed shrimp - northernloves cool waters. The species is even called Okhotsk, since the main population is concentrated in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. There are tailings in other seas of the Pacific Ocean, for example, in the Bering Sea.

More than half of the crustaceans stay in the shelf zone. The density of shrimp clusters is striking. In 15 minutes of trawling, you can catch 10 tons of crustaceans. Trawl refers to a sack-like net attached to steel cables towed behind the vessel.

Taking up space in the seas Far Eastern shrimp focuses on the temperature of the water. Loving the coolness, crustaceans stay at the bottom. The temperature there ranges from -1.7 to +3.5 degrees.

It is important for the angler and the current. Shrimp gather where it is weak or at the periphery of strong streams. In this case, crustaceans concentrate in the depressions of the bottom. Angletail prefers not just salty, but richly salty waters. Note that among the 2000 species of shrimp, there are even freshwater ones.

Allocated as a separate species, the angler tail is not divided into subtypes.All crustaceans have common identification features.

Angled-tailed shrimp fishing

Angle-tailed northern shrimp - an indescribable look. TAC stands for Public Catch. There is a “ceiling” for catching many species. Undesirable animals, fish, crustaceans can be hunted in any quantity. This indicates the massiveness of the populations.

The heroine of the article is so common that she has several names assigned to her in different fishing territories. The names "Okhotsk" and "northern" have already been mentioned. There is also a concept angle-tailed Magadan shrimp... The name is different, but the essence is the same.

Angle tail is caught mainly at night. After 9 pm, crustaceans rush into the water column. By 8-9 am, the shrimp sink to the bottom. It is more difficult to catch animals here. Young shrimp migrate more actively. The amplitude of movements of large individuals is less. Crustaceans orient themselves while moving to the currents.

The daily vertical movements of the angler tails are not systematic. Crustaceans can stand at the bottom for several days, and then rise to the surface for a couple of days. There is no scientific explanation for the phenomenon yet.

Breaking off the bottom, the shrimp become vulnerable. Most individuals are attacked precisely in the water column, at its surface. We are also talking about the production of shrimp by humans. Why, then, do the animals rush upward? The question remains open.

The corny tail is considered a valuable commercial species due to its taste and benefits hidden in crustacean meat. The product tastes better than shrimp from tropical latitudes and even a relative of the heroine of the article - the northern species. In addition, coal tail meat is rich in calcium, iodine, zinc, potassium, Omega-3 acids, vitamin E.

Reproduction and life expectancy

Angle-tailed shrimp in the photo can appear in 7 types. Exactly so many stages of development go through the crustacean larva. In the first 2 stages, the angotails are evenly distributed over the depths of the seas. From the 3rd stage of development, the shrimps keep closer to the shores.

Angled-tailed shrimp are born as male individuals. By the age of three, some of the crustaceans become female. In biology, such species are called protandric hermaphrodites.

Having lost their masculine characteristics, females release pheromones into the water. Their scent attracts males. Mating takes about 40 seconds. After the females lay up to 30 eggs. This happens in the spring.

Reaching sexual maturity at 3 years old, angle-tailed shrimp live for 5-6 years. However, more often crustaceans die earlier, becoming victims of predators, or being caught by people. Enterprises of the Far East are actively promoting the brand by supplying the coal tail to the Russian market. Shrimp are sold both natural and peeled.