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Red-fronted Amazon


Lawyers of our company will help you collect and execute the necessary documents to obtain a CITES permit for your parrot (or other bird) if you have the appropriate documents on the ownership of the CITES model, and will also provide full legal support for the procedure for obtaining a permit for import, export, re-export Your bird.

Many endangered species of exotic parrots are in CITES Appendix I, namely:

  • cockatoo: Cacatua goffiniana (goffin's cockatoo), Cacatua haematuropygia (Filipino cockatoo), Cacatua moluccensis (Moluccan cockatoo), Cacatua sulphurea (yellow-crested cockatoo), Probosciger aterrimus (black cockatoo)
  • Lori: Eos histrio (blue-red loris), Vini ultramarina (ultramarine hermit loris),
  • Amazons: Amazona arausiaca (red-throated Amazon), Amazona auropalliata (yellow-necked Amazon), Amazona barbadensis (yellow-shouldered Amazon), Amazona brasiliensis (red-tailed Amazon), Amazona finschi (blue-capped Amazon), Amazona guildingis (royal amazon) , Amazona leucocephala (Cuban Amazon), Amazona oratrix (yellow-headed Amazon), Amazona pretrei (luxurious Amazon), Amazona rhodocorytha (red-browed Amazon), Amazona tucumana (Tucuman Amazon), Amazona versicolor (Amazon Saint Lucy) ), Amazona viridigenalis (green-cheeked Amazon), Amazona vittata (Puerto Rican Amazon),
  • macaw: Ara ambiguus (soldier's macaw), Ara glaucogularis (blue-throated macaw), Ara macao (red macaw), Ara militaris (small soldier's macaw), Ara rubrogenys (red-eared macaw), Cyanopsitta spixii (blue macaw), Primolius couloni (mountain macaw ), Primolius maracana (red-backed macaw), Rhynchopsitta (thick-billed macaw), Anodorhynchus (hyacinth macaw),
  • bouncing parrots (kakariki): Cyanoramphus cookii (Norfolk red-fronted jumping parrot), Cyanoramphus forbesi (yellow-fronted jumping Forbes parrot), Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae (New Zealand red-fronted parrot bouncing parrot)
  • and others: Cyclopsitta diophthalma coxeni (golden-sided fig parrot), Eunymphicus cornutus (horned parrot), Guarouba guarouba (golden parakeet), Neophema chrysogaster (golden-bellied herb parrot), Ognorhynchus peach icterisotis parrot (earthen parrot), Pionopsitta pileata (red-fronted parrot), Psephotus chrysopterygius (golden-shouldered flat-tailed parrot), Psephotus dissimilis (hooded song parrot), Psephotus pulcherrimus (ring-tailed parrot), Psephotus echo gray), Pyrrhura cruentata (blue-tailed red-tailed parrot), Strigops habroptilus (kakapo parrot).

CITES Appendix II contains all parrots with the exception of the species listed in CITES Appendix I.

Agapornis roseicollis (pink lovebird), Melopsittacus undulatus (budgerigar), Nymphicus hollandicus (cockatiel), Psittacula krameri (Indian ringed parrot) are an exception and therefore the documentation procedure for these bird species is somewhat different.

General requirements for any type of animal or bird: the presence of an identifier, documents confirming the origin, age or legality of import (or the legality of catch from the wild) of the animal / bird, health documents, as well as the availability of appropriate vaccinations - depends on the requirements of the country of entry, and the country of departure. Importers of poultry must prove that they have their own bird (s) residing with them before they applied for an import / export permit and can provide the necessary evidence to prove such ownership.

ATTENTION! In accordance with Art. 6 "The procedure for keeping and breeding wild animals in captivity or semi-free conditions", when alienating wild animals the seller of the animal is obliged provide the buyer with reliable information about the type, subspecies, health status and other qualities of the animal, as well as about the conditions of its keeping.

If a wild animal is sold from among the species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine or subject to protection in accordance with the current international treaties of Ukraine (CITES), the seller of the animal is obliged also provide the buyer with a document certifying the legality of its acquisition of ownership or removal from the wild.

Therefore, when purchasing an exotic parrot (or a bird of another species), first of all, you should pay attention to the presence of the corresponding identifier and documentation attached to the bird, as to the CITES model.If we are talking about the types of CITES Appendix I imported into Ukraine, for example, the gray parrot Jaco (Psittacus erithacus), then today, in addition to the CITES export permit, the seller must also have a CITES import permit for the import of a parrot into Ukraine.

If you do not know how the documents should look, contact the appropriate CITES Administrative Body for clarification of the information regarding the availability of the necessary mandatory documentation by the seller, where you will receive comprehensive information on the issue of your interest.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that any seller is obliged to provide the buyer for familiarization with all available documentation prior to the sale of poultry , confirming the origin, age or legality of the import of the bird offered for sale.

By purchasing an exotic parrot (or a bird of another species) without the necessary mandatory CITES documents, you run the risk of acquiring a bird imported into the country illegally and, if you travel abroad, leave your pet without your care in your country of residence.

Below we have published several CITES Permits obtained for the birds of our Clients, having previously deleted the personal information of CITES samples and their owners.

Red-fronted Amazon

Body length 34 - 36 cm, tail 11 cm, weight 310 - 480 g. The main color is green, the top of the head has a bluish tinge and black edging on the back of the head. The forehead and periorbital ring are red, the cheeks are golden yellow. The paws are gray. The iris is orange. The mandible and upper mandible are gray-bone in color.

1. Lifestyle

Inhabits lowland forests and foothills up to 800 m above sea level. Kept in family groups or flocks. It feeds on fruits, nuts, seeds, as well as citrus fruits, mangoes and even coffee beans.

2. Classification

The species includes 4 subspecies:

  • Amazona autumnalis Linnaeus, 1758 - nominative subspecies. Distributed from Southeast Mexico to Northern Nicaragua.
  • Amazona autumnalis lilacina Lesson, 1844 - similar to the nominative subspecies, but the forehead is darker. The head is green-lilac with dark red edging. The cheeks are yellow-green, the beak is gray. Lives in the west of Ecuador and southwest of Colombia.
  • Amazona autumnalis diadema Spix, 1824 - body length 36 cm.The forehead is crimson red. Cheeks with bluish tint. Lives in the state of Rio Negro Brazil.
  • Amazona autumnalis salvini Salvadori, 1891 - body length 35 cm.The cheeks are green, the inner side of the lateral tail feathers is red. Distributed from Northern Nicaragua to Colombia and Venezuela.

Usage Information

Photo "Parrot isolated on white" can be used for personal and commercial purposes according to the conditions of the purchased Royalty-free license. The image is available for download in high resolution quality up to 3903x3215.

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