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Crested kariama, or red-footed kariama, or seriema - a bird of the karyamov family


CARIAM, seriaceae (Cariamidae), crane-like family. About 75 cm high. The legs and tail are long. At the base of the beak there is a crest. They run well, fly reluctantly. 2 species - crested karyama (Cariama cristata) and karyama Burmeister (Chunga burmeisteri), in the steppes and forest-steppes of South America. The crested karyama has nests on the ground, and the Burmeister's karyama nests in the trees. There are 2 eggs in a clutch. Female and male incubate. Easy to tame. Food - small fruits, insects, reptiles. Hunting object. They do not breed in captivity.

Crested Cariama (Cariama cristata)

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Crested karyama

Crested kariama, or red-footed kariama, or seriema is a bird of the karyamov family. The species is classified into the monotypic genus Cariama.

1. Description

The body length of a crested karyama with a tail is from 75 to 90 cm, weight is about 1.5 kilograms. The plumage of the head, neck and chest is light gray, the top of the head and nape are brownish, the dorsal side is light brown, the flight feathers are dark brown with longitudinal rows of transversely elongated white spots, white belly. The wings are relatively short, wide and rounded with 10 primary flight feathers. The tail is elongated, dark brown with a wide white border at the apex, tail feathers 12, the outer ones are shorter than the middle ones. The beak and legs are red, the eyes are yellow, the skin around the eyes is blue. At the base of the beak there is a fan-shaped crest of soft and thin feathers sticking upward. Sexual dimorphism is not pronounced.

2. Habitat and habitats

Found in South America: Eastern and Southern Brazil including the Southern Amazon, Eastern Bolivia, Paraguay, Northeastern Argentina and Uruguay. Inhabits arid steppes and woodlands: the Argentine pampa and thorny shrubs with lawns and dry woodlands of the Caatinga of Brazil. Also found in pastures. The total area of ​​the habitat is about 6 million km². In the southwestern parts of the range, it lives together with the black-footed karyama.

3. Lifestyle and nutrition

Most active during the day, they lead a terrestrial lifestyle. Sedentary birds keep singly or in pairs. They run well, can reach speeds of up to 25 km / h, they prefer not to fly away from danger, but to hide in the thickets. They fly reluctantly and for a short time. They spend the night in trees and bushes. Vocalization is varied, loud screams are emitted mainly at night. They feed mainly on insects, especially large ants and small lizards and snakes, which the bird kills with a powerful blow of the paw, like a secretary bird, using, possibly, a strongly curved sharp claw of the inner finger. Large prey karyama can tear apart with a hooked beak. Kariams also attack poisonous snakes, although they are not immune to their poison. In addition, their diet includes rodents, worms, seeds, berries and fruits.

4. Reproduction

Monogamous birds, large nests are built from branches on trees and bushes at a height of up to 5 m above the ground, extremely rarely on the ground. In clutch there are 2 - 3 eggs, pale pink with brown and lilac spots, which eventually turn white. Eggs develop in 24 - 30 days, mostly female incubates. Chicks are covered with coffee-colored down with dark spots, especially long on the head. After 2 weeks, they leave the nest and wander with their parents. Feeding chicks by adults only lasts about a month. Young birds acquire adult plumage at the age of 4 - 5 months.

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